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This page gives a full description of how our services can help you, what they do and how to use them.


Your writing is the public record of your research project. To maximise its impact your document must be read and understood by as many researchers as possible. Since readers do not persist with documents that are difficult to read or unclear, particular effort must be invested in the writing. SCITEXT CAMBRIDGE provides you with professional in-depth feedback on your important documents written in English, allowing you to make significant improvements before submission. Changes made by computer grammar programs or by editors whose first language is not English are not likely to match the quality of improvements made by SCITEXT. Our editing service helps scientists to express their ideas with precision and clarity.

  • professional feedback eliminates discrepancy between what authors say and mean
  • clearer documents are likely to be published rapidly without change
  • authoritatively written documents are read and cited more often by other scientists
  • journal and conference editors today often do not edit in depth
  • the time and cost of using SCITEXT are typically less than 1% of a research project

SCITEXT CAMBRIDGE’s service is useful for all scientists – native and non-native English speakers – in improving all aspects of their writing. SCITEXT provides detailed line-by-line editing of the English in all documents. US spelling conventions are respected wherever used. We edit preprints, theses and monographs, research proposals and other technical documents.

Parallel with our editing service are SCITEXT’s writing courses for scientists on how to set out their research more effectively. These courses are based on SCITEXT’s notes on effective science writing which we provide free on the Web as a service to the scientific community. Many editing services merely give links to other peoples’ notes, but at SCITEXT we understand science writing deeply enough to provide our own notes. We also intend to develop online courses soon.

(NOTE: SCITEXT CAMBRIDGE has been running at www.scitext.com since the 1990s and has no affiliation with any other website or service containing the name ‘scitext’.)


SCITEXT CAMBRIDGE edits documents in all areas. If you do not see your field below we can probably still edit your document – contact us for verification. We edit:

  • physics and astronomy
  • chemistry
  • biological sciences
  • medical sciences
  • psychology
  • materials science
  • engineering – all areas
  • geosciences
  • environmental science
  • computer science
  • mathematics and statistics
  • archaeology and anthropology
  • economics and econometrics
  • management


Clients send us a copy of their documents, which we edit to enhance flow of language and logic and improve clarity and continuity. Where there is a problem with logic flow our editor will make a query; we re-edit authors’ changes made in response at no further charge (up to 10% of original document). SCITEXT does not alter formulae or change the meaning. A certificate of editing is provided.

Documents to be edited by hand should be sent by e-mail (attachment) or fax or mail, and are returned by email attachment after scanning, or by fax. SCITEXT provides a fully electronic service which returns computer files with changes made, and with changes tracked if requested (MS Word files).

All work is treated in confidence and SCITEXT is happy to enter into confidentiality agreements. We are happy to edit extracts from longer documents; clients should send the full document and indicate what is to be edited. Documents of up to 12000 words are returned as fast as possible within 12 working days – longer ones proportionately. Accelerated services with return in 5 and 2 working days are available; with the 2-day service advance notification that a document is due is helpful in guaranteeing prompt return.

If you provide a descriptive link from your website to ours we give you a 10% discount – please show us your hyperlink when you submit.


who wish to improve the quality of published proceedings at no direct cost, are invited to contact SCITEXT for a quote to include editing of proceedings papers in the conference registration fee.


Clients should send to the managing editor:

  • one copy of the document, formatted double spaced and not reduced
  • a declaration of the number of words
  • payment details
  • your contact details for return of the document

Clients may for convenience use our submission form (accessible from our terms and prices page). SCITEXT will acknowledge orders by e-mail or fax. Invoices and receipts can be sent on request.

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